ICRA2018 Poster Template & Information

This year at ICRA all papers are presented in interactive format in custom-designed presentation pods. Each pod has two surfaces for the display of posters. We imagine in most cases a single poster will suffice but if you wish to, you can display two.

All posters are A0 size (841mm wide x 1189mm high).

The template is in Power Point format but can easily be imported to other tools such as Keynote or Impress.

Click here to download the ICRA2018 Poster Template

Please note the following about the template:

  • Header block:  Ideally keep the font sizes as per the design, but if you have a long title or lots of authors you may need to adjust this.
  • Logo block:  This is for the logo of your university or lab.  Ideally don’t make the block wider, but feel free to extend it downward if your logo is not square.
  • Footer left: Please add the code to indicate whether your paper was submitted directly to ICRA (ICRA), RA-L with ICRA option (RA-L), TRO with ICRA option (TRO) or an abstract-only poster (ABSTRACT).
  • Footer middle: This is your interactive session code, it’s 3 characters, 2 for the day, and 1 for the session, eg. TuP for Tuesday PM.  This information will be available to all presenters by the end of March via the website.
  • Footer right: Please add your ICRA manuscript number here, it’s a decimal number between 1 and 2700.  Do not include a RAL or TRO manuscript number which has a format like 17-1234.

By early April we will release details of a local print service where you will be able to electronically submit your poster for printing.  The company will have a desk at the conference venue where you can collect your poster.  Volunteers are available to help with hanging posters in the presentation pods.