DJI RoboMaster AI Challenge

Organized by: DJI RoboMaster Organizing Committee


Team Names:

  • Ausdroid (University of Melbourne, Australia)
  • Artificial Imbecile (University of Alberta, Canada)
  • CASIA (Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)
  • NSSC (National Space Science Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)
  • DeepWhuRobot (Wuhan University, China)
  • T-DT (Northeastern University, China)
  • I Hiter   (Harbin Institute of Technology, China)
  • HITCSC  (Harbin Institute of Technology, China)
  • Critical HIT (Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen, China)
  • South China Tiger (South China University of Technology, China)
  • Riva Lion (East China Normal University, China)
  • ZMART  (Zhejiang University, China)
  • Robot Pilots (Shenzhen University, China)
  • BattleWolf (Xi’an Jiaotong University, China)
  • Firefly   (Northwestern Polytechnical University, China)
  • ENTERPRIZE (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)
  • MyMonash (Monash University Malaysia)
  • MECAtron (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)
  • RCMakers (Robert College, Turkey)
  • Rosebotics (Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, USA)
  • Hopkins AI (Johns Hopkins University, USA)

DJI started RoboMaster in 2015 as an educational robotics competition for talented engineers and scientists. The annual RoboMaster competition requires teams to build robots that use shooting mechanisms to battle with other robots. The performances of the robots are monitored by a specially designed referee system, converting projectile hits into health point deductions on hit robots. To visit past games and introductory videos visit​ To see the RoboMaster2018 promotional video, go to:

Each team will build 1 – 2 automatic AI robots. Robots will compete in a 5m x 8m arena, filled with various obstacles. Participants will design robots that autonomously shoot plastic projectiles. The objective is outcompeting advanced official DJI robots in a battle of the wits.


Figure 1: Robots need to be built (not the exact sample robot)


Figure 2: Top view of the Challenge Field (the figure is in millimeter)

Figure 3: Robots competing for showcase (not the exact Challenge Field)

The competition is open to any interested groups. As long as you are a robot enthusiast or interested in RoboMaster AI Challenge, you are welcome to set up a team with no more than ten members to register for the Challenge.

The registration form can be accepted now; please go to to submit your applications.

For more detailed information download the documents below. 

Introducing RoboMaster-ICRA2018

Overview – ICRA 2018 DJI RoboMaster AI Challenge