Tidy Up My Room Challenge


Organised by:
Jürgen ‘Juxi’ Leitner (Australian Centre for Robotic Vision & Queensland University of Technology)
Niko Sünderhauf (Australian Centre for Robotic Vision & Queensland University of Technology)

Website: juxi.net/challenge/tidy-up-my-room/

Team Names:

  • Kaibot   (Shanghai Jiao Tong University  Shanghai, China)
  • RoBoilers (Purdue University West Lafayette, Indiana, USA)
  • Team NGS Lab (Luisville, Kentucky, USA)

Robust interaction in domestic settings is still a hard problem for most robots. These settings tend to be unstructured, changing and aimed at humans not robots. This makes the grasping and picking of a wide range of objects in a person’s home a canonical problem for future robotic applications. With this challenge, we aim to foster a community around solving these tasks in a holistic fashion, requiring a tight integration of perception, reasoning and actuation.

Robotics is an integration discipline and significant efforts are put in by labs worldwide every year to build robotic systems, yet it is hard to compare and validate these approaches against each other. Challenges and competitions have provided an opportunity to benchmark robotic systems on specific tasks, such as pick and place, and driving. We envision this challenge to contain multiple tasks and to increase in complexity over the years.

We particularly encourage teams from previous Amazon Robotics Challenges, RoboCup@Home  and ERL challenges to take part.

At the first annual “Tidy up my room” Challenge, held at ICRA 2018, teams will be asked to deploy their robots into a room setup — think IKEA showroom — and have it perform specific tasks. For example, the robot may have to locate all the objects that are out of place. Teams will be competing in parallel, with the winner proceeding to the next round.