Mobile Microrobotics Challenge 2018


Organized by: David J. Cappelleri, Purdue University
                         Aaron T. Ohta, University of Hawaii, Manoa
                         Igor Paprotny, University of Illinois, Chicago
                         Dan Popa, University of Louisville

Team Names:

  • University of Toronto – Microrobotics Laboratory (Canada)
  • UVT – (Romania)
  • University of Waterloo – Nanorobotics Group (Canada)

The IEEE Robotics & Automations Society (RAS) Micro/Nano Robotics & Automation Technical Committee (MNRA) invites applicants to participate in the 2018 Mobile Microrobotics Challenge (MMC), in which microrobots on the order of the diameter of a human hair face off in tests of autonomy, accuracy, and assembly.

Teams can participate in up to three events:

  1. Autonomous Manipulation & Accuracy Challenge: Microrobots must autonomously manipulate micro-components around fixed obstacles to a desired position and orientation superimposed on the substrate.  The objective is to manipulate the objects as precisely as possible to their goal locations and orientations in the shortest amount of time.
  2. Microassembly Challenge:  Microrobots must assemble multiple microscale components inside a narrow channel in a fixed amount of time. This task simulates anticipated applications of microassembly, including manipulation within a human blood vessel and the assembly of components in nanomanufacturing.
  3. MMC Showcase & Poster Session: Each team has an opportunity to showcase and demonstrate any advanced capabilities and/or functionality of their microrobot system. Each participating team will get one vote to determine the Best in Show winner.