The key points are:

  • All papers will be presented in interactive format.
  • Award candidate papers will be presented in a single oral award track.
  • As with previous ICRAs all papers are equal in the proceedings — there is no distinction between oral and interactive presentation modes.

There are several innovations in the way interactive papers will be presented:

  • Interactive presentations will be held in a large hall with 22 custom-built stands.
  • To maximise the interactive experience for the audience the presentations will be posters and videos. Whiteboards, a laptop shelf and power will be provided.
  • There will two 2.5 hour interactive sessions per day to provide plenty of opportunity to speak to the authors of all the papers that you are interested in.
  • Short paper summary videos (pitch videos) will be submitted prior to the conference. These will available to delegates via the conference app, a web-based video portal, and will be screened in dedicated rooms at the conference.


Interactive presentation stands

Interactive presentations are grouped into sessions of 8 papers and presented at one of 22 custom-built “pods”. The pods will be spread through the conference hall, intermixed with drinks, food, competitions and exhibits. The pods will be easy to find (labelled A through V) and navigate. There will be two interactive sessions per day, each 2.5 hours long.

Each pod has 8 presentation stations numbered 1-8. The program will provide the time, pod and station coordinates for every paper.

Each of the pod’s 8 presentation stations includes:

  • two surfaces for posters (middle and right) — we provide the adhesive backed Velcro
  • one whiteboard surface (left) — we provide pens and erasers
  • a shelf (1000x300mm) that is big enough to hold a laptop or widgets that you might want to show off
  • electrical power (240V, 50Hz Type I socket)

The top of each poster is well above head height which ensures that poster titles are clearly visible, even from a distance. Volunteers will help with Velcro and hanging and removing your posters.


Your pod presentation station can display one or two A0 size (841x1189mm) posters in portrait mode. We will provide a presentation template (PowerPoint and Keynote format) which provides a uniform style header and footer. The title can be up to two lines. You are free to organize the rest of the space in any way you prefer: using 1, 2 or 3 columns and any mixture of text, pictures and equations.

The most important thing is to ensure that the text is legible, we suggest a font like Calibri and no smaller than 50 point.

Final templates of the interactive session will be provided by end of February 2018.

Making the poster

You are welcome to print your poster at home and bring it with you. Cloth posters are available now, they are a bit more expensive, but are much less bulky to travel with.

ICRA will provide an online service where you can upload your posters and have them printed and delivered to the conference venue.