Access to the workshops & tutorials will be strictly controlled and only delegates with a valid badge will be allowed entry to the respective areas. Lunch and coffee breaks are included in the registration fee.The below table indicates the workshop & tutorial registration rates. By registering at one of the below categories you will gain access to any workshop or tutorial on Monday 21 May 2018 and Friday 25 May 2018.The below registration rates do not include access to the ICRA2018 Conference Sessions or the Exhibition.To register to attend on the workshop and tutorial days, please complete the ICRA2018 online registration form.
Category Price ($AUD)
IEEE Life Member Free
IEEE Member $200 AUD
IEEE Student Member $100 AUD
Non-Member $300 AUD
Student Non-Member $150 AUD

Full Day Workshops & Tutorials

Title Organiser Day Room
Tutorial: A Hands-On Tutorial on Franka Emika’s Panda Sami Haddadin Friday ALL P6
Workshop: Third Machine Learning in Planning and Control of Robot Motion Workshop Aleksandra Faust Monday ALL M4
Workshop: Informative Path Planning and Adaptive Sampling Stephanie Kemna Monday ALL M2
Workshop: Long-term Autonomy and Deployment of Intelligent Robots in the Real-World Feras Dayoub Friday ALL M4
Workshop: Multilegged Robots: Towards Robust Real-World Deployments Navinda Kottege Friday ALL P11
Workshop: Self-healing, Growing and Evolving Soft Robots Fumiya Iida Monday ALL P10
Workshop: The interplay between optimal estimation for improved action and optimal action for improved estimation Paolo Robuffo Giordano Friday ALL P10
Workshop: Ergonomic Physical Human-Robot Collaboration Luka Peternel Monday ALL P6
Workshop: Advances in Robotic Warehouse Automation: Solutions, Lessons Learned and the Future of the Amazon Robotics Challenge Jurgen Leitner Monday ALL P1
Workshop: Grand Scientific Challenges for the Robot Companion of the Future Paolo Dario Monday ALL P7
Workshop: Robot Teammates Operating in Dynamic, Unstructured Environments Christopher M. Reardon Monday ALL P2
Workshop:WORKMATE: the WORKplace is better with intelligent, collaborative robot MATEs Valeria Villani Monday ALL P3
Workshop: Which Torque Controlled Actuator Do I need? – On Criteria, Metrics and Experiments for Design, Selection and Comparison Jörn Malzahn Monday ALL P8
Workshop: Representing a Complex World: Perception, Inference, and Learning for Joint Semantic, Geometric, and Physical Understanding Nikolay Atanasov Monday ALL M1
Workshop: Verification of Autonomous Systems Workshop Signe Redfield Friday ALL P4
Workshop: Swarms: From Biology to Robotics and Back Justin Werfel Friday ALL P8
Workshop: Dynamic Legged Locomotion in Realistic Terrains: Algorithmic and Physical Performance Advancements and Challenges. Nikos Tsagarakis Friday ALL P7
Workshop: Active touch for perception and interaction: How nature inspires robotics Nathan Lepora Friday ALL P9
Workshop: 30 Years of Small-Scale Robotics: from Nano-, to Millimeter-Sized Robotic Systems and Applications Igor Paprotny Friday ALL P3
Workshop: Aerial Robotic Inspection and Maintenance: Research Challenges, Field Experience and Industry Needs Kostas Alexis Friday ALL P2
Workshop: At the Crossroads: Blurring the Lines between Animated and Real Life Personal Robots Randy Gomez Monday ALL P4
Workshop: New horizons in cognitive robotics and AI exploiting recent advances for predictive control and prospective interaction between agents Shingo Shimoda Friday ALL P1
Workshop: Elderly Care Robotics – Technology and Ethics Jim Torresen Monday ALL P5

Half Day Workshops & Tutorials

Title Organiser Day Room
Tutorial: Deep Learning for Robotics Perception Anelia Angelova Monday AM Great Hall
Tutorial: Creating Annotated Scene Meshes for Training and Testing Robot Systems Binh-Son Hua Monday AM M3
Tutorial: Vision-based Robot Control Francois Chaumette Monday PM M3
Workshop: Cognitive Whole-Body Control for Compliant Robot Manipulation Daniel Leidner Monday AM P9
Workshop: Reproducible Research in Robotics: the IEEE Robotics &Automation Magazine R-papers Fabio Paolo Bonsignorio Monday PM P11
Workshop: Human Robot Interaction with UAVs: Challenges and Frontiers Anais Garrell Monday AM P11
Workshop: Autonomous Robot Design David Howard Monday PM P9
Workshop: Soft Robotics for Rehabilitation Applications: Design, Material and Control Amir Jafari Friday AM M3
Workshop: Robotics in Virtual Reality Lal Bozgeyikli Friday PM M3
Workshop: Supervised Autonomy in Surgical Robotics Yangming Li Friday AM P5
Workshop: Robotic Vision and Action in Agriculture: the future of agri-food systems and its deployment to the real-world Christopher Steven McCool Friday PM M2
Workshop: Multi-Scale Bionic Systems: Bio-inspired, bio-mimetic, biohybrid actuators and robots Hirotaka Sato Friday AM M2